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Our Technology Education program is designed to increase students' technological literacy with interactive hands on learning activities.  We also encourage them to develop higher order thinking skills through the application of knowledge, creativity, and resources to solve problems. Technology Education also strives to bring career awareness and information about a wide variety of technology related careers into the learning environment.  In achieving these goals, the course provides theoretical and practical instruction that is in accordance with Virginia State Standards of Learning competencies with a strong emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
Here at Stone Hill Middle School we offer Technology Education through our STEM labs in three different classes: 7th grade Tech Ed, 8th Grade Tech Ed, and Technology of Robotic Design:
  • 7th Grade Technology Education class is a require half year elective for all students.
  • 8th grade program is full year elective that isn't being offered this year.
  • Technology of Robotic Design is a full year High school level Robotics class (only offered for 8th graders), which uses the VEX Robotics platform to teach engineering design and programming. 

    Please reference the tabs above to view more about class
    , curriculum, and projects.
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